My Answer is “Yes”

All you have to do is ask. The answer will come quickly. My answer is always “yes.” Ask Me.

Do not turn to false gods.

You are righteous because I have put you into Jesus.

Everything is yours. You are no long in survival mode. Walk into the land I have given you.

The giants you face are nothing.
Fix your eyes upon Me.

Thank You for another Training Day and the favor that came with it. I remind myself that I am on a journey with You.

The Mission and the Message You have given to me also come with great blessings …

Would You like to have a Couples Center in the OC? That idea came to me several years ago. It must have been Yours! How cool it will be to watch You make it happen. I’ll partner with You. It’s a project that’s far beyond my skill set at this point. So You’ll either grow me into it or bring experts to make it happen. You know my own heart’s desire. Thank you that I have it!

February 24, 2014


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